Investing in budget apartments

In the last few decades, apartments have become increasingly popular, particularly among the young and city dwellers, and there’s often little alternative if you wish to live in a prime location. Buying a budget apartment is a low cost entry into the real estate market in Kerala. The cost of an apartment is cheaper than purchasing a property and building a house in that property, and the returns are often higher than other real estate investments. People find apartments easy to look after being compact and cheap to renovate and furnish.

Things you should keep in mind while selecting a builder to invest in apartments and villas are:

• Age – How old the apartment is factors in on price and resale value.

• Sq. footage of units – Size of the apartment units translate into comfort of living in these spaces.

• Amenities and Features – More the amenities, more the appreciation in value of the investment.

• Value of the property

• Monthly Rents and average rents in the area for similar properties

There are many advantages involved in investing in a budget apartment:

• Increased security

• Lower property taxes than detached homes

• A range of sports and leisure facilities may be provided

• Community living with lots of social contacts and the companionship of close neighbors

• Ease and low-cost of maintenance

Investing in budget apartments is a wise decision to build your long-term wealth and financial security. So if you are thinking of an investment, an apartment can be the right decision.