When people are looking to buy real estate the old adage is…location, location, location. Since buying an apartment is where you will be residing, location is the first criteria when you are in the market. Location of the apartment takes on a whole new meaning you are buying real estate. Location is the prime deciding factor of accessibility and price. Apartments in Kerala are mainly divided into prime locations in the city, suburban retreats and rural apartments. They target the various priorities of prospective buyers. Young professionals would prefer a city home that is close to work while families might choose the quiet suburbs to live in. Rural apartments would be ideal for older couples to spend their retirement years.

Builders in Trivandrum also focus on these categories of locations and decide on where to build after assessing the market demand of each segment. Budget apartments are mostly constructed in the suburbs, which will incur less cost and hence be available at a lower price for buyers. The pricing is mainly determined by market trends dependent on location, size and amenities. Then the builder fixes a competitive rate for their offerings. Prospective buyers have the final say in choosing their home after considering where they want to live and at what cost depending on their budget.