There are many benefits in investing in real estate. In a general sense it involves purchasing of property/real estate for gaining profits. Magnitude of benefits of investment whether it is done in townhouses, single family house, luxury condominiums, preconstruction real estate and pre-launched projects. This factor is further influenced by suitable and prominent locations clubbed with availability of all sort of common facilities. Real estate in Kerala is showing a boom trend these days and apartments in Trivandrum and villas in Trivandrum are in high demand, mainly due the following factors:

1) Appreciation: Most people invest in real estate for earning profit on short or long term basis. The longer the period the higher the profit and as and when an investor finds a good opportunity, he enjoys the benefits of investment in real estate.

2) Rental income: People who do not want to sell their constantly appreciating properties; they construct it for additional benefit and rent out same for enjoying regular monthly rental income which makes them financially sound for further investments.

3) Best source of investment: Farsighted people would prefer to invest in real estate as it the safest of all because of the fact that benefits of investment in real estate will fetch better returns without much labour as compared to other sources.

4) Value addition: If a person buys a property with single or double storey old structure, he removes the old structure and construct a multi- storey building and sells the floors at hiked rates thereby earning unlimited benefits of investment in real estate.